American Beating Spirit at Its Own Game


For the last few months, American has had roundtrip tickets for as little as $99 between San Diego and DFW, in a clear bid to undersell Spirit on flights between America’s Finest City and its major hub in Texas.

Well, the bid seems to have succeeded and the good days are now over. Spirit has stopped flying the SAN-DFW route, and now flight’s through the next few months are hovering at the $300 mark.


To be clear, this is still a relatively inexpensive ticket. Before Southwest opened up nonstop flights to Dallas Love Field, tickets between San Diego and DFW (a route on which American had a  monopoly) routinely jumped to over $500, which, for a flight of barely 1,200 miles, is expensive.

Competition, good. Monopolies, bad. It’s pretty simple.

There’s no way you’d get me on a Spirit airplane, and I’m partial to American, especially with my Platinum Advantage status, but it was nice to see the price war drop fares so dramatically for a few months.

Now, if only they’d get a start on retrofitting the ex-US Airways A321s they’re flying on the route with seats that bring their hard product in line with American’s 2016 vision…