Why I’m So Excited to Fly Emirates


With less than two weeks to go until my first flight on Emirates, there are so many aspects of the 12 hours in the air that I’m excited for. I haven’t even left the ground, and already I’m wishing the flight were longer. If only I could have snagged a seat on the LAX-DXB route, instead of leaving from New York!

Like Jennifer Aniston before be, I’m inclined to see if they can circle the plane for another hour before we land.


Here are some of the things I’m most excited for:

The Suite

If there is one word that best-describes Emirates, it’s “bling”. And bling is what they do in First Class. Everything is adorned in finished wood and gold and glitz. The suite has a minibar. The suite has doors. The suite has a vanity, and a flower vase, and a snack bar, and a lamp. On a plane.


To be sure, these seats are more cramped than the suites on Asiana. Asiana puts its first class on the ground floor of the A380, where as Emirates puts its first class on the top floor, which is about two feet less wide. Both cabins have four suites across the width of the plane, so each suite on Emirates is smaller.

But what the suite lacks in space it more than makes up for in bling.

The Food & Drink

I’m a sucker for a good champagne. Huge sucker. Which is why I’ve been excited for a while to enjoy the 2006 Dom Perignon that Emirates pours, not to mention tasting some Hennessy Paradis (which retails for about $800 a bottle on the ground). I’ve never had brandy before. At that price, it better be delicious!


But just today, Emirates announced that it is upping its champagne selection for the next few weeks, offering lucky travelers rounds of a special 1998 Dom Perignon Plénitude Deuxième. Um. Yes please!

Emirates has a dine on demand food concept. Whereas in other first class cabins you can expect a 2-3 hour multi-course meal immediately upon take-off, Emirates will make you what you want when you want it. Think mezze and caviar and delicious main courses; made-to-order eggs for breakfast. Yum yum yum!

If I get bored in my suite, I can walk down the length of the plane to the bar at the back of the business class cabin and enjoy snacks and drinks there.

The Shower

Emirates’ major innovation on its design of the A380 was adding shower spas for use by First Class passengers. While that no longer makes Emirates unique (Etihad has them as well), showering in the air is an experience reserved for a lucky few on this planet.


For five minutes on our flight, I’ll enjoy hot water washing away the stress of travel. If there’s turbulence, I can take a seat. I’ll have towels at my disposal and even a heated floor so my feet don’t get cold.

Why? Because I can. On a plane. At 35,000 feet.


There’s lots to enjoy on an Emirates plane in a premium class, and even more reason to enjoy it when it cost you nothing. Stay tuned for the trip report!