Updates to Amex Business Platinum Too


Last week, American Express announced forthcoming updates to its Platinum Card, including $200 in Uber credits every year as well as a $100 increase in the annual fee, bringing it to $550 total. While an increase in any card’s cost is never good, I wrote that, ultimately, the added perks, if used properly, make the card even more valuable and well worth the outlay. The changes take effect March 30.

Left out of the announcement was whether anything would change with the Business Platinum Card, which I am a holder of. Today, the Business Platinum Card gets its day in the sun.

For now, the only major change¬†is that cardholders will receive 5x points for airfare and prepaid hotel stays purchased directly through American Express Travel. I don’t think that buying hotel stays through American Express is a good value¬†for the extra points, as you won’t receive the same elite perks on-property unless you book directly with the hotel, but airfare is a different story. This is not quite as good as the Platinum personal card’s benefit of 5x all airfare purchases, but a step in the right direction.

It remains to be seen whether more perk enhancementss are forthcoming. American Express is clearly feeling the pressure from Chase’s Sapphire Reserve, and trying to re-corner the market for premium credit cards.

We’ll have to wait and see what news breaks between now and March 30!

h/t: The Points Guy