Companion Pass for $69


One of the greatest elite airline perks in the industry is Southwest Airlines’ Companion Pass. Any Southwest traveler who accumulates 110,000 points in a year receives the pass, which allows them to book a companion on any itinerary they have (paid or points) for only the cost of the TSA security fee ($5.60). For a couple, this means, essentially, unlimited 2-1 travel!

110,000 points is a lot to gather in a year through travel, but for years the easiest way to get the Companion Pass was to apply for two Chase Southwest Credit Cards (one personal, one business) when each was offering 50,000 point sign-up bonuses. That’s because, unlike most loyalty rewards, Southwest counts credit card points equally with points earned through travel. So two cards plus $10,000 in spending means a Companion Pass for the remainder of the current calendar year as well as all of the following one.

The Companion Pass has saved us thousands of dollars over the years. I earned it back in 2014, and Danielle earned it in 2016. What a deal!

But now, Southwest is offering an even better steal for California residents. Any Californian will earn a Companion Pass for a year after signing up for one of their cobranded cards and hitting the minimum spending requirement.

To put this in the simplest terms possible, if you live in California and apply for this card, you will pay $69 up front in an annual fee. After spending $1,000 on the card, you will earn 40,000 bonus Southwest points AND a Companion Pass.

If you use the 40,000 points for travel with your companion, the sign up bonus alone is worth as much as $1,040!

It’s really that simple. Keep in mind that Chase restricts new credit card approvals to individuals who have applied for four or fewer cards in the last two years only. That’s the 5/24 rule. Other than that, it’s a slam dunk!

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