DEAL ALERT: West Coast to Paris for $448


Paris is, without question, my favorite city in the world. Danielle and I fell in love with the place two summers ago, so much so that we returned again this year. Food, culture, history, it’s all there, and totally walkable. (And it is a fantastic place to burn through Hyatt points for free stays at 5-star hotels!)

Act fast, because an amazing deal has popped up for Southern Californians.  Tickets to Paris can be found throughout the next few months from San Diego to Paris for only $448. Travel is on American and British Airways (often with only one stop) so this is a full-service itinerary, without ancillary fees for bags, seats or food.

Tickets, tickets everywhere!

Similar fares, though less abundant, can be found from other West Coast cities, including Oakland, Portland, and others, excluding LAX, unfortunately. Use Google Flights to search for tickets and dates that work for you.

If you’re looking for a getaway this winter and don’t mind the cold, hop on this deal fast. It’s sure not to last very long!